Step 2: What do you Really, Really, Really Want?

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The yoga + essential oils supplement is for both Step #2 and #3 which are all about learning how to let yourself dream and imagine a life that is significantly different from what you are living now.

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Summary:  What do You Really, Really, Really, Really Want?

  • So, what do you want?  Do you know?  If not, start thinking…if so, make it bigger.
  • I find there are two kinds of peeps out there, Dreamers and Practicals.  Dreamers are people who dream easily.  They can imagine huge shifts and changes in their lives and get excited about them. BUT Dreamers have difficulty making their dreams reality, figuring and then taking the action steps necessary to make their dreams come true.  Practicals are people who have a hard time imagining their life more than 2-3% better than what they already have.  They can’t even conceptualize what they really want. BUT they practicals are great at making a plan and taking action steps once they get a vision of what they do want.
  • If you are a Dreamer, this step is easy peasy for you. You probably already have an idea of what you want.  Get going and write something down!
  • If you are a Practical, this step can be the hardest of all of them. Do something today that will help you feel really good, inspired, before you begin. Go for a walk, take a bath, talk to a friend who leaves you feeling good. Begin to play with what you really want.
  • Now is the time to explore what you desire.  So often we judge what we want as superficial or materialistic. But our desires are our deeper yearnings, our soul coming to the surface.  (Listen to the video for more on that one!) Whatever your desire is, rather than judge it, explore it.  Why do you want what you want? What is it about what you desire? Now is the time to explore rather than judge.
  • Be sure whatever you really want makes you just a little bit nervous. I want you to sweat just a little bit — to get you really excited like you are on the top of the hill of a roller coaster.


Tomorrow…what do you want to say about your life one year from today?