Before we go any farther, I want to be sure you downloaded the ebook that goes with this course.  If you haven’t, here it is again:

New Year’s Resolutions’ Tracker

First, let me give you a brief overview of what to expect throughout this series.

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Each step going forward has a  Life Coaching video and then a supplemental video that shares yoga tips and essential oil suggestions for helping you take that step more deeply. Watch the video to give you ideas ad apply them particularly if you are struggling with that step.

For example, if you are having a really hard time dreaming, you may want to apply the dreaming practice for a few weeks or even months to help you open up to even greater things in your life.

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Step #1: Reflecting on the Past Year


 Summary:  Reflect on the year we are ending.

  • What went well: What did you enjoy?  Did you take a trip? Buy a new house? Get a new job?
  • Also, think about areas of your life that are going well:  A great job, good health, happy family, warm home. Things that you just might take for granted but you want to be sure to continue in the new year.
  • What about your challenges: Challenges are simply areas of our life that are calling us to be or do more. We have to grow to get to the other side of our challenges.  Somehow, someway, you grow from every challenge.  Are there any you went through this year? Can you appreciate what you learned from them? Are there any you are going through now?  Can you appreciate what they are teaching you?
  • Did you set any goals this year: Did you achieve them? If so, yay! Enjoy the success.  If you didn’t achieve them, pause. It is not time for judgment and frustration.  Instead, look at it like an investigator. “Hmmmm…I wonder why I didn’t achieve this goal?” Do you need a new goal? Maybe you have outgrown the goal and it is time for a new one.  Maybe you need a smaller, intermediary goal, one that isn’t quite so big but gets you closer.  Or perhaps you need a little guidance…like a Life Coach.

Tomorrow…one of my favorite topics…Dreaming!