Cherry Blossom


So, I’ve been chatting quite a bit about my clutter the past few days.  But, you know, it’s not about the stuff — we don’t have that much actual clutter — it’s a shift in consciousness that makes what I do have not fit me anymore.  

I look around the rooms I spend the most time in and I do not feel as good or as inspired as I once did.  As I mentioned in my original post, this often happens when I am either ready for a consciousness shift or right on the other side of one.  What is a consciousness shift?  You know you have experienced a consciousness shift any time you realize a new perspective in any situation.  When you suddenly understand someone’s opinion from their perspective, it is a consciousness shift.  When you realize you are not a victim in a situation but have a choice, you are experiencing a consciousness shift.  

An easy way to notice a consciousness shift is when you notice something in your home that you had not noticed before.  For example, you realize your tea cupboard isn’t organized they way you want it to be or a junk drawer suddenly annoys you and you want to clean it out or you decide you need new clothes because you aren’t enjoying the ones you have or your pile on the kitchen counter is now driving you crazy or you finally see the dust in the corner.  All of these seemingly little things signify you are waking up on a deeper level.

My husband and I moved into our home when I was 8 months pregnant with our second child.  We experienced a flurry of unpacking, just the basics, and then we had a newborn and a toddler to tend to.  When our little baby was two, I remember sitting on our coach and looking around the room, realizing we hadn’t hung anythink on our walls yet!  I was waking up.

While I am not always aware of what the consciousness shift was.  I do know it is happening when I feel “cluttered” with my stuff.  Our environment always represents what we have going on inside of our hearts and minds.  When our stuff feels cluttered (and is), we are cluttered on the inside and we need to do some cleaning out.  If you aren’t sure what to do for your mind, clearing out your physical environment will also help you declutter on the inside.

And, thus, I have begun! I am clearing out my clutter for the next 30 days.  I have organized my house into 22 zones and plan to do one or two zones each day.  Here’s to clearing out and coming out clearer on the other side!