(Please Note: I love guest bloggers! I love reading other ideas and sharing them with you. This post is no different. Emma’s thoughts in this piece made me stop and think. While there was a time when I bristled at “stereotypes” and “generalities”, the older I get, the more I see the truth. So, read, enjoy, and share with us what you think!)

Motivation and Genders

For decades, women have been fighting for equality with men, but there are still major biological and psychological differences that we are never going to fully overcome. We may have equal rights, but the way we look, talk, express and motivate ourselves will always be different.

True Stereotypes

Men are usually driven by power, they like control and strength so they are often ready to jump in when facing a problem and take over control. Women, on the other hand, are driven by emotions, like helping each other, and will first ask questions about the problem, see all the possibilities and only then fix it thoroughly. To help conquer these stereotypes and better understand your husband, for example, you sometimes have to let him have that control. If you see he knows what he is doing, let him lead. If men would like to better understand their wives and motivate them effectively, then they need to help their spouses go through and analyze the problem thoroughly to fix it together. Women like cooperating with their loved ones, so be patient and put your heads together.

Motivation at Work

Men like competition, so success of other colleagues could motivate them to do better. Chances for higher salaries are more likely to motivate a man, since men are all about power, but they also like being good providers for their family. Women at work are driven by emotions and intuition. Family can motivate and affect a woman’s performance at work, since she wants best for them. Also, receiving positive comments about her work would make her feel more confident and productive. That is why most women tell themselves how great they did the job, and give the same compliments to other coworkers. To better motivate both men and women at work, you can create a friendly and pleasant competition between them, praise everyone, and they will all do their best to achieve their goals.

Setting and Achieving Goals

When men set their goals, they have a strong motivation if the goal is really what they want, and they just jump over any obstacles. Simply, like building a ladder to go across a tall wall.  So to help your spouse, friend or a coworker achieve his goal, help him build his ladder without jeopardizing his success. If they seek motivation they look for powerful people who influenced our world and take their advice. To let you know how things work with men, their blogs include accomplishments of celebrities who have impact on people in order to get them started and motivated.

When it comes to women and their goals, they tend to be more down to earth and think thoroughly how to achieve those goals. If there are any obstacles, they work on them, take the problem apart into smaller parts and look at them individually and finding the ways of overcoming each section, before jumping over and moving on. Women also seek help from blogs, more frequently than men, but that is just because they like doing everything perfectly.

Motivation for Exercising

For women, exercise means a better life, more confidence and the well-being of their bodies. Since driven by emotions, if a woman exercises she feels happier because she knows what the outcome of exercise is. On the other hand, if men see no point in exercising they will never start doing it. However, if a man truly wants to get fit and be the best looking male (power, again), he would start immediately and never stop until he has achieved his goal.

How to Understand Each Other?

If you want to better understand the needs of the opposite sex, you simply have to get to know them. Observe the behavior of people in various situations. See how man and women react when under pressure, what they do when they fail and simply try to be there and help the best way you can. If you are supposed to motivate a woman, tell her how good she is in what she is doing, compliment her and take her feelings into considerations. With men you have to be straightforward, never beat around the bush and directly express your desires so they could take action. But a nice word or two are always welcome to anyone if you want to motivate them.

In the end, it is only about the things that drive us and what our goals are. If any one of us is determined enough, we will find the ways to motivate ourselves and achieve those goals.

Emma Lawson is a passionate writer, online article editor and a health enthusiast. In her spare time, she likes to do research, and write articles to create awareness regarding health and beauty skin care products. For her articles, she often consults qualified psychologists, such as specialists from the Living Valley Springs and other blogger experts.