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“MUSE UPON THIS: It’s time to dream…”


It’s New Year’s Resolutions time!! I’m so excited for the new year!! It seemed like the perfect time to restart the musings. Let’s start getting ready for it with this week’s musing.

If you are going to set resolutions, they might as well come from deep inside your heart. You might as well base them on your DREAMS not simply what you feel you “should” do. Soooo, I want you to start with this step: dreaming.

Take time to dream this week. Set aside a moment out of your life to think about what you want. Do it as you drive, take an evening out and dream with your spouse over a glass of wine, sit at a coffee shop and journal. Let yourself go and dream…dream…dream…


F E E L  G O O D  M O M E N T

Need a little inspiration to dream big? Maybe of things that don’t seem particularly practical? Well, here’s a little something to inspire you!