5-Day Challenge: Learn Yoga Day #5

Let’s Get Started!

I want to help you be successful in learning to do yoga. I have three tips for you to ensure success. You can watch the Live Stream I did outlining the tips when I taught his series live or scroll down to read the summary.

Three Tips for Success

1. WHY do you want to learn yoga?

Think about WHY you want to do this challenge? What are you hoping the yoga will do for you? Most importantly, how are you hoping it will make you feel?

Get really clear on how you expect and want to feel.

Get excited about that feeling. It is the feeling and excitement about the feeling that will keep you going!

2. Schedule in the best time to do it. When do you think you will really do it?

First, think about when you will really do it. If you aren’t a morning person, don’t decide to get up early to do it.

If you are too tired after work to do anything, don’t decide to do it then.

Unless you are super clear with yourself that those changes are just what you want and need and you are ready to get up early or change the energy you experience after work.

When will you actually follow through?

Second, add it to your schedule. Actually write it in, block off the time, add it to your task list, whatever you need to do to honor the time for yourself.

3. Find an accountability partner:

There is nothing more potent than someone who counts on you to do the practice. Find someone who will do it with you. It’s free! Send this to a friend: I am diving into a 5-Day Challenge to Begin Learning Yoga. Want to join me? It is just 15-min a day. I need company! It’s totally free. You can sign up here: https://lauraerdmanluntz.com/yogachallenge.

Coming tomorrow: Your FIRST video! Make sure you are ready for it!

Let me be your teacher!

Like how slowly I am teaching you in this challenge? Then you will love my truly Beginner Yoga Series.