I Believe

… our dreams represent our deeper self.… once we begin to let our dreams surface (no matter how superficial they may seem initially), we will be able to see even more deeply into our hearts.

… with the surfacing of every dream, we become stronger and more confident, knowing we deserve every good thing that comes our way.

… the more we realize we deserve every good thing that comes our way…more good things come our way.

… as more good things come our way, we become even more joyful and vibrant beings.

… as joyful and vibrant beings, we are better able to see and fully embrace our place on this earth.

… as we embrace our place on this earth, we are better able to serve humankind with love.

So, what do you really, really, and I mean really want?  Let yourself dream here.  What would you want if there were no limitations — which are usually self-limitations, by the way.  So, no “yeah buts…”. What do you want?

Why do you want it?

What’s holding you back (or has held you back) from getting there?

What will your life be like once you get there?

What personal qualities would someone need to possess to obtain the outcome you desire?  (Does someone you know already have it?  What does he/she have that you feel you don’t….yet?)

Are you ready?  Take one step today…