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I started another website and this one is awesome! As you probably know, I began using Young Living Essential Oils about 20 years ago. Eighteen months ago I got the bug to take it to the next level and add it as a revenue stream in my business.  After all, I kept recommending it to people, I might as well get a thank you check for those who followed through!

I love sharing about the oils! They are truly amazing and my life would not be the same without them. Really.

Sooo, my team has totally taken off. I am so excited about how fast it is building. I have spent the past few weeks building a website and I want to share it with YOU.

Get out there, check it out and sign up for the Email List. I know, I know, not another email! But if you are at all interested in learning about the oils, you won’t mind this one. Only 1-2 emails a month and chock full of goodness, recipes, freebies, and educational opportunities! AND when you sign up for the list you will receive a FREE copy of my latest ebook: 5 Essential Oil-Infused Self-Care tips AND be entered into a drawing for:

  • 2 samples of Young Living’s amazing NingXia Red juice: I credit this one with finally getting my energy back after babies – yep, the youngest is 11! AND
  • 2 samples of the NingXia NitroI credit this one with helping creating clarity in my increasingly foggy mind.

Okay, enough said. I can’t wait to see you THERE!

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