Happiness CAN be an inside job!

This series will help you learn how to be even happier than you already are!

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Our life is formed around a story we learned when we were young. Think about how you set up your life: it’s either what you learned OR a reaction to what you learned – your relationship to money, your work, your home, your loved ones.

In this video, I share how to start to get to know your stories so you can begin to rewrite them.


We hold emotions in our body – anything we haven’t fully processed – so that includes our limiting beliefs, which are based in fear. You may even know where your biggest fears are stored – it’s a good chance you have chronic tension there!

In this practice, we focus on releasing the tension in our back body – from the neck to the butt. While you can hold your fears anywhere in your body, there is a good chance it’s somewhere in the backside!


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