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Next Coaching Group begins in October 2014!

What do you want to be able to say about your life five years from today?

How about this?

I am now starting to believe that my dreams are possible. That they CAN and WILL come to fruition.

Or this:

Remarkable is it in a nutshell.  Laura expects remarkable and miracles – and how cool is that?

Or this:

THANK YOU Laura!!!!!  You are an angel and a blessing!  Your work is life changing and I feel so fortunate that you were brought into my life!

Ready to move into the fall with more inspiration, joy, and purpose?  To begin consciously creating your life as you want it to be?  Working with Laura is what you need to truly change your life, to move forward in a bold and courageous way to live the live you know you want to live!

Not sure? Want to know more about Life Coaching?  Download this FREE book today!

Life Coaching: How to get what you want (really want) for your life!

“It is so easy to sing your praises, my dear!
~ Marie McKay


Group Life Coaching:  Your investment includes:

  • 2, 45-60 min. telesessions a month with Laura and the rest of your group (up to 6 people).
  • Five Steps (Plus One) for Living Your Extraordinary Life E-Course (Value $49).
  • We commit to three months, during which time we work through the Five Steps course. You will be inspired to find what you really want for your life!
  • Continued inspiration directly from Laura.
  • The ability to move forward in your life FAST!!

We begin with a commitment of three months and then decide what we will do.

Know you are READY?

Fill out the application form.

 (Want a group but can’t do these times? Let us know what might work for you.
We begin new groups regularly.  OR have a ready made group for coaching? Email us.)


Would you prefer to work privately with Laura?
Private Life Coaching is the most personal and fastest way to leap into the life you want.
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Ready? Let’s begin!


“Stories of What Laura’s Clients Have Accomplished”

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