Boundary Waters at Sunset

Missed me?  I have been busy with quite a few new projects this summer, including my vacation to the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota, and I have left my blog bereft.  What is interesting is why…

I find my website gets neglected whenever I make a major shift in consciousness and the old site represents where I was.  I simply do not want to go out there and spend time.  This spring saw a major shift for me.  It all began back in February when I let it all out and let myself be truly real in a blog post.  That post has been the highest hit post of all time for my blog.  Apparently the ideas hit a cord for people besides me.  (I still turn to it periodically and get a burst of inspiration from it.)

Then I released a program I had been sitting on forever. (I believe a year, if you want the truth about it.)  I was freakin’ freaking out about it (I literally felt my palms sweat) and I did it anyway.  (The program was the home study version of Five Steps (Plus One) for Living Your Extraordinary Life – I recorded the audio a full year earlier!)  That pushed me to the next level.

And I began truly craving simplicity.  Everything around me felt like clutter.  I wanted to get rid of all of my clothes, my furniture, my files (oh, God, I wanted to dump the paper!), everything.  I embarqued on a30DayDeclutter campaign (which turned into 60 days and continues today!)  It was because everything around me represented the old consciousness, the one that was stuck behind the program I hadn’t released.  My clutter was NOT about the stuff.

I then realized the Yoga Teacher Training program I had been cultivating for 20 years was part of that clutter, at least administering it was.  And I retired.  Yep, retired from teacher training.

You know what happened?  I went from a place of needing to please others, to pleasing myself.  I read a quote from Bob Proctor back in January that has changed my manifesting:

“Most people are not going after what they want.  Even some of the most serious goal seekers and goal setters, they’re going after what they think they can get.”

I realized I was going after what I felt I should be doing, not what I really want.

So, What Do I Want?


I want to be a writer.  I know, you are thinking “You have already published three books and written over 2,000 posts, you are a writer!”  But I haven’t thought of myself that way.  My writing happens in the cracks of my day, it isn’t prioritized.  But I want to prioritize it.  I am ready for it to be part of my identity.  My next book is incredibly inspiring.  My heart palpates at the thought of writing it.  I am ready.  And you know what?  I AM A WRITER!!

(By the way, I took this photo on the night I began my book in June.  Keeping it as an inspiration as I continue.)




I also want to work with my husband.  My husband is my best friend, my soul mate, and number one Laura and Ron Erdman-Luntz
cheer leader.  He is also an amazing teacher as a Tai Chi master.  Wondering why we haven’t work together before? Frankly, me too!  Together we created a workshop called Chi Kung Energy Flow for Yoga™.  It is such a powerful workshop and we have so much fun doing it together!  We taught it last weekend at a Yoga Festival and received what I considered to be the best compliment ever: “You guys are so much fun to learn from because you have fun together and it is catchy!”




IMG_2019I want to travel…travel…travel.  One of my favorite things in the world is leading retreats.  I LOVE taking people to beautiful places and expanding their minds.  I love to travel to other studios and teach.  I love meeting new people and being introduced to new cultures.

I also want to travel with my family. I want to go places for months at a time, immersing ourselves in the culture, the people, the food. My job needs to allow my the ability to do so.



Finally, I want to coach.  I have been so inspired by some new clients coming my way and, frankly,
wowed by what comes out of my mouth (thank you, Spirit!)  And I want more of it.  I want to truly inspire people to go for it.  To live up to their potential and amaze themselves and the world.


I Hope This Inspires YOU

Soooo, why am I telling you this?  Partially for me.  I want to publically declare what it is that I want, send it out to the Universe in a very powerful way.  Partially to inspire you all to reach for what you really want, not for what you feel you should do or for what you believe is actually possible.

AND to let you know an AMAZING website is coming your way!  I can hardly wait to release it.  (And if you are reading this here…you are on my new site!  Amazing, isn’t it?)  It totally represents ME and I will reflect that in its domain:  Yep, me.  I am branding me.  Me.  Me.  Me.  I am ready and I am so excited!  Stay tuned…