Getting Started

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Your Young Living Starter Kit

First things first, Order Your Starter Kit:  You need to order your Starter Kit to get set up as a distributer.  If you haven’t ordered yours yet, contact the person who sent you to this page and have them help you order it.

While there are several levels of kits you can purchase to get started, as a business builder, the Premium Starter Kit is a must.  It contains the Everyday Oil Kit and the Diffuser — items you will want on hand for your gatherings to introduce people to the basic oils.

NOTE: Keep all of the original packaging for your starter kit so you can show people at your gatherings what their kit comes with.  

Your Back Office:

Once you have ordered your kit, play around with your back office.

Your back office is where you end up once you have finished your order. If you ordered at another time, you can find your back office at:  Use your distributer number or username that you set up when placing your order.

You can play on your own or listen to Christi Collins as she talks you through it: “Getting Started with Your Oils”. Or watch this very thorough video:


You can keep going with your training even if you do not have your kit yet.  Soooo, move to the next lesson!