Getting a New Enrollee Started

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You have a new enrollee.
I think every new person is a thrill so enjoy each and everyone.  The feeling that someone else is going to enjoy the oils AND your business is expanding — awesome!

This page will take you through the process of getting them started with their oils.

As a team we are very high-touch.  The more you communicate with your enrollees during the first 3 months, the more likely they will continue to use Young Living products throughout their life.  While it is certainly more work initially, it is fun getting to know people AND well worth the effort in the end.

You will probably change your process as you go along to find what works for you. These ideas will simply get you started.

I have a several step process: 

1.  Begin a Contact Sheet form:

I have one word doc for each of my enrollees.  I simply keep the doc as attached here in my files, pull it up, duplicate it and save it under the new enrollees name.  I fill it out to begin the welcoming process.  On it is a check list I follow to make sure I remember each step.

Under personal information I keep track of any personal info I have about the person such as the name of their husband, children or pets, any information I want to remember about them.  It feels so good for them when you chat later and you remember their birthday or that their husband snores or she suffers from anxiety.

Under goals I have anything they mentioned at the gathering about what they want the oils for.

YL Customer Contact Sheet: Pages

YL Customer Contact Sheet: Word Doc

YL Customer Contact Sheet: PDF

2. I add them to my Marketing Scents email list:

Do you have a Marketing Scents site yet?  If not, I recommend it.  Chat with your upline sponsor about it to see if it is right for you.  I appreciate the drip campaign — emails sent to people with information about the oils.

A Marketing Scents site costs $20 per day until you have referred 3 people then it is free.  Be sure to ask your upline if they have a referral for you.  If she already has a free site, get a referral from someone else.


3. I add them to my email list:

I like to keep a master mailing list of both regular enrollees and distributors in my gmail account.  That way I can send mass emails about new things I have learned about the products, a success someone else experienced with the oils, and upcoming gatherings.

I know have a list of everyone in my downline — one I very rarely use, like once every 6 months or so.  I have one of my immediate signups (Team 1), local people, distributors.  That way I can send specific topic emails.  Wish I had started this at the beginning!


4. Send them a Welcome Email.

I try to send it within 24 hours of signing up and attach the forms I mention here.  I also keep a draft of the email in my drafts file to simply copy and paste for each one.  I also tailor the words so each person knows it is directed to them.  I want the email to feel personal.

Here is a copy of my email:  


You have just made an incredible investment in your health and wellness! And we am here to support you and make sure you get the highest return on that investment.  🙂

For many people, essential oils can seem intimidating and overwhelming at first. But have no fear! We will have an orientation call to support you and make sure all your questions are answered.

We want to make sure that you are completely set up for success!

Once you get your box of goodies, we will have a Box Opening Party call! During that call, we will review all of the products you ordered and make sure you know how to use them to best serve you needs.

We will also take a fun, quick tour of the Young Living website and your account, so you know to easily navigate the site and are aware of the amazing resources waiting there for you! For this call you will need to login to your Young Living account: Go to and enter your Member Number or Username and your password.

Hang Out With Us In Our Private Clubhouse On Facebook!

Our private Facebook group is a vibrant community of people embracing the Young Living lifestyle, and you will be warmly welcomed there. This is where share success stories, tips, and tools with each other.

If we are already FB friends, I will be adding you to the page. (If not, you will receive an email invitation and you simply need to accept.)  Seriously, it is the best resource out there for answers to your questions.  Be sure to check out the Files section, there is a bevy of info there for all of your use. (Including the Cheat Sheet I shared with you and the 118 Uses of Essential Oils).

Here are two ways to help you get a little focus as you wait for your oils to arrive:

  1. 118 Uses for the Everyday Oil Kit:  I have attached this printable pdf to this email.  Print and peruse as you wait for your oils to arrive.
  2. this website right now.  This website is absolutely invaluable. You can search for particular issues and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of suggestions from everyday peeps will come up.  Be sure to bookmark this page right now.  (PLEASE NOTE: The 1519043 is MY distributor number.  Put yours here and your name will show up on their screen as your contact person!)


Essential Rewards

This is an incredibly generous VIP program that Young Living offers exclusively to wholesale members and includes many benefits such as FREE products and reduced shipping! I’m happy to share more details about it when we chat next.

Let us continue to support you: We send out regular suggestions for oil use.  Please let me know if you have any successes that you want to share.  We would love to pass along another way to benefit from the oils!

Placing another order: Please contact us before you place your next order.  We have a few options for you that you might be interested in.

Enjoy your oils!

Peace and miracles,

Laura , Ron, Sierra & Zack Erdman-Luntz

Young Living Essential Oils Distributor


www . ErdmanLuntz. VibrantScents. com


5. Add them to the FB page:

Add your person to the Facebook page.  If you are friends with them, you can simply add them on the right-hand column where it says, “+Add people to group”.  Simply type in the person’s name and they should pop up.

If you are not friends with the person, click “invite by email” just above the add box.  Then you type in their email and they will receive an invitation.

If they are a business builder, add them to the business FB page, too.

Then, if they were already friends with you, they are in the group once you sign them up.  Once in the group, welcome them and tag them in the welcome.


6. Enrollee Spreadsheet:

Add your enrollee to your spreadsheet.  I keep a spreadsheet with everyone how has signed on under me.  It contains date of sign up, what they purchased, phone, email, and their interests/concerns/goals.

7. Set up Box Opening Party Call:

I now usually set up the first Box Opening Call when they sign up.  I set it for about 7 days in the future.  They should have their box by then.  If you didn’t get a chance to set it up, email or call them now to get a time with them.

8. Add to your contacts info on your phone:

Add the person to your contact info on your phone.  Then you know who it is if they call you and you can easily call them on the go if you have something you think of something you want to say on the go.

9. Send a handwritten note:

I LOVE this touch!  A simple card (I buy blank ones in the $1 bin at Michaels) to say, “I’m happy to have you!” is a fabulous touch.