Managing Stress & Anxiety Naturally

Managing Anxiety Naturally with Essential Oils

We could ALL use a little support when it comes to stress and anxiety.

Enjoy this FREE 30 min podcast and learn:

:: how a foot self-massage with specific oils can INSTANTLY

:: which essential oil is most effective to CALM
RACING THOUGHTS, and the best ways to use it

:: a centering, breathing exercise you can do WHILE
listening to the teleclass

:: how to leverage our innate stimulus-response mechanism
and train our mind and body to RELAX WITH EASE by using the power
of our olfactory system and essential oils

:: which essential oils help calm the central nervous
system to allow for a RESTFUL NIGHT’S SLEEP

:: a specific aromatherapy protocol for stopping
anxiety and panic attacks IN THEIR TRACKS

:: the TOP THREE essential oils to use if you’re
healing from PSTD (post-traumatic stress syndrome)

:: how to make a CALMING TEA with one drop of
essential oil!

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