Free Resources for Yoga Teachers

Need some support?  A little inspiration?

I want to share my favorite resources with you!

Fun Resources:

  • Yoga Font:  Here’s a FREE yoga font
  • Yoga Jokes:  Fun site – a few yoga jokes to inspire your practice or amuse your students!
  • Yogi Says:  Words of wisdom from a Yogi.  A new quote everyday! 
  • Guided Meditations from the Chopra Center:  I LOVE these meditations! I use them in my own practice and they inspire me to create new ones for my students.
  • Yoga Vibes: This week’s resource is two-fold. has free and paid workshops and yoga classes you can take from the comfort of your own home.  Fabulous for some inspiration!  You can also submit your own videos to sell online.  Laura is beginning to work with YogaVibes so if you have questions, contact her directly.
  • Fabulous Yoga Sutra Site: I love this site. It has so much to offer as you begin or continue to explore the sutras in greater depth. While you’re there, check out the links to meditation, mantra, other philoshophy and more!
  • Insight Timer: I so love this app!  It allows you to set a timer for your meditation, add reminder bells throughout your meditation if you want them, and you can keep a journal and statistics on you meditations!  It is brilliant! While I usually keep this page to free resources, this one is a very reasonable $1.99.  I highly recommend it!
  • Yoga Today YouTube Channel: If you haven’t checked out this site yet, do so today!  Use these videos to inspire your practice and your teaching.  Relatively short and insightful AND filmed in beautiful locations.  You’ll love it!


Continuing Education Ideas:

  • Yoga Spirit:  Fabulous online continuing education webinars for yoga teachers.


Websites for Yoga Teachers:

  • Teachasana:  Great resource for all things teaching yoga.  Also fabulous for connecting to other teachers, community, asking questions AND a great place to submit your own questions.

Book Club Notes:

MaxStrom The Musélan Yoga Teacher training program has quarterly book clubs.  This past fall it was on Max Strom’s Book: A Life Worth Breathing.  We created a list of discussion questions for the book.  Here they are for you to enjoy! Book Club Notes




Donna FarhiEnjoy the questions we used for our Spring book club!





Coming soon:  The questions from Rod Stryker’s fabulous new book: The Four Desires