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I have saved the best for last! You are now going to discover why I so excitedly added essential oils to my life coaching and yoga practice! Just think…sniffing a little oil could change your attraction point!


Everything with chi or life force has a frequency, a vibration, a measurable electrical impulse, including us. The average human body has a frequency of 62-68M[Hz].

How we feel is linked to our vibration. Actually, our vibration determines our feeling. When our vibration is slow, we feel negative. The slower it is, the closer we get to fear and desperation. The faster our vibration, the better we feel, moving toward joy and bliss.

Illness also has a vibration. As our vibration slows even more, we come into resonance (I’ll discuss that below) to illness. Colds have a frequency of 58M[Hz], chronic fatigue 52M[Hz], cancer 42M[Hz] and death begins at 25M[Hz].

As your vibration goes up, you also feel better, are more energized to take actions in your life and begin to attract better things.

It behooves us to keep our vibration high!

How the Frequency of Essential Oils Effects You

When we come into close connection to another object or person that has a frequency, we effect each other’s frequencies.

It is very similar to how tuning forks react to each other. When two tuning forks are close to each other, and one is vibrating, the other will begin to vibrate at the same rate. It is called “being in resonance”.

You are very aware of this effect when you come into contact with someone who is really negative. They can suck the fun out of anything! Their low vibration begins to effect your vibration. Of course, yours will effect theirs as well. You will probably leave them feeling a bit more positive.

Of course, it does depend on the strength of your vibration. (I give an explanation of this idea in the video. It is hard to do it justice in writing. 🙂 ) Everything effects other things to differing degrees.

BUT there are universals. Canned food has zero frequency. No life force is within canned food at all and our vibration is effected when we eat it. Coffee also drives vibration down — even just holding it. Toxins, well, I’m guessing you know what happens there. (Now do you fully appreciate why toxic-free, oil-infused products are so incredibly powerful? Not only are there NO toxins to lower your vibration, the oils in them raise your vibration.)

I am sure you can think of a few things that either make you feel great (raise your vibration) or bad (lower your vibration). And it is something we discuss on this blog frequently.

SOOOO, where does this leave us with essential oils? Most essential oils have a very high frequency, ranging from 52-320M[Hz]. Do you see where I am going here yet? Simply using the oils regularly will effect your frequency. (Oh, and Rose oil is the 320M[Hz] one.)

AND, Young Living has a bevy of oil blends that mix and match potent vibrations to create a very specific effect:

  • Believe: Helps us let go of beliefs that are holding us back to believe what we want is possible.
  • Awaken: Opens your mind up to possibilities.
  • Inspiration: Taps you into your higher self to help you take the actions you want to take.
  • HIghest Potential: Taps you into your higher purpose. (I do periodic Highest Potential challenges and use it daily for 30 days. Something always happens that takes my life to the next level during those 30 days!)

Just to name a very few.

In a nutshell:

Using oils regularly can keep your vibration up which keeps you feeling more positive, keeps your body healthier and helps you attract better things into your life.

Ready to get ready, aren’t you?

The next episode will share your options for taking the next step! I’m excited to share it with you.

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