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Why talk toxins?:

Why am I bringing up a discussion around toxins when we are talking essential oils? Really, two reasons:

  1. The average home contains 62 toxic chemicals. We are also exposed to toxins whenever we eat, breathe or drink. Our bodies’ need the love and support essential oils can give them.
  2.  Young Living is so much more than an essential oils company. It is a lifestyle company with many, many products that you can use in your home that are not only toxic free, but also infused with essential oils so give your body love!

So let’s talk toxins:

As I mentioned, on average every household contains an average of 62 toxic chemicals, hiding in the medicine cabinet, under the kitchen sink, in the garage.

These chemicals found in our everyday products have been known to:

  • Disrupt the endocrine system: Our endocrine system runs our hormones and this system is dysfunctional in many of us. From early onset menses, to infertility issues to crazy perimenopausal symptoms, adrenal issues and thyroids, our endocrine systems are hurting.
  • Affect our cellular health. These toxins can even rewrite our DNA!
  • Reduce mental clarity: Brain fog, brain disorders, and attention issues: 1 in 150 children had ADD & ADHD 10 years ago. Now it is 1 in 50.
  • Increase allergies.
  • Harm our respiratory health.
  • Reduce our energy levels. 
  • And I didn’t even mention causes cancer in this list!

All of these issues are on the rise — and it isn’t a coincidence.

Did you also know…

Our skin is our largest organ – about 20 square fee – and it is highly absorbent. In fact, of all the ways to get things into our body – mouth, nose and skin – it is the only access path without any filters. What we put on our skin goes right into our blood stream and liver. (Includes: personal care products and cleaners and anything in the air that lands on our skin.)

Check your own home:

Check out the Environmental Working Group’s database to look up your own products. They have one for cleaning products and one for cosmetics and personal care products. Once you get started it is a bit addictive! It is also very illuminating.

My laundry detergent, labeled green and eco-friendly, rated a D. And, yes, that is dangerous.

That said, I have FIVE products I highly recommend changing out immediately:

  1. All Purpose Cleaner: Thieves Household Cleaner: It is non-toxic, safe for the earth, all-purpose so it replaces all cleaners in your home, is cheaper than anything you can buy AND loves up your immune system as you clean! Yeah, get it now.
  2. Laundry Solutions: Thieves Laundry Soap: Your laundry detergent could very well be one of the most dangerous toxins in your home. Because they often contain toxins that stay in your clothes (such as fragrance and optical brighteners), your skin is absorbing 24/7. (Remember don’t be fooled by “Green” labels. My supposedly green detergent rated a D on the EWG database!)
  3. Produce Solutions: Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak: Less of a changeout and more of an add. You need a cleaner for your produce. Hopefully you are already eating organic, but even if you aren’t and even if you are, you need a cleaner for produce. The pesticides sprayed over conventional produce is also found on organic. 
  4. Taking Care of the Dishes: Thieves Dish Soap and Thieves Automatic Dishwasher Powder: Dish soap – toxic. Dishwashing soap – toxic. It just is. Change it out.
  5. Personal Care Products: This one may take some time. Take it. One product at a time. (Or, if you are so inclined, a massive change out!) Once you look it up on EWG.org, you will probably be too disgusted to use much more. Young Living has shampoo, soaps, skin care, cosmetics, deodorant, etc. Products that not only DON’T harm you because there are no toxins, but give your body the LOVE it needs with the essential oils.


In Episode #6, I will be sharing all about frequency. How do these REALLY fit in with Life Coaching and Yoga? You are going to LOVE this part!

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