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(Note: This blog post is part of a 6-part series. If you want to learn more about the series, and download the ebook, click here.)

Let’s now get more specific. We are going to look at eleven oils and how I use each one. These eleven oils are part of Young Living’s Starter Kit. A great start to an oil collection. Young Living has over 200 oils so this is just a few to get us started!

(Note: I say much more about each oil and how I use them in the video.)

How to Use 11 Oils:

Peppermint Vitality: Good for digestion, good breath and a dose of umph! One drop of Peppermint Vitality has the same therapeutic value of 28 cups of peppermint tea. Yep, it’s that potent!

Lemon VitalityGreat in cooking and water! If you use lemon juice in your water in the morning for detoxing, the acid can eventually harm your teeth. Lemon Essential Oil comes from the rind rather than the juice so it is alkaline rather than acidic. Plus, it is infinitely less messy and cheaper.

Thieves Vitality: Supports the immune system. Add a drop to your water throughout the day! I love knowing I don’t have to get sick when my kiddos get sick and vice versa. Yeah, it’s that good!

Copaiba Vitality: You are gonna LOVE this oil! Supports the body’s natural response to inflammation. A couple of drops a day helps support the body’s work for keeping inflammation at bay. Copaiba is also a magnifier – adding it to any other oil makes that oil more potent. 

DiGize Vitality: Supports the digestive system. Essential oils are adaptogenic, which means they do whatever your body needs at the time. Soooo, no matter what your digestive system needs, the oil can support it!

Lavender Essential OilVery calming and a great sleep oil. This oil is also a workhorse — it has over twice as many chemical constituents as an average essential oil which means it has many more therapeutic qualities. Grab this oil if you aren’t sure what oil might help!

Purification Essential Oil: Actually eats aromas. Yep, doesn’t just cover them up. Use this in the kitchen or as a bathroom spray. A couple of drops with water in a spray bottle. Voila! Please, please, please replace all of your air fresheners with Purification. Air fresheners are highly toxic!

RC Essential Oil: Supports a nice, deep breath! With three types of eucalyptus, RC is a great oil for respiratory support. I love to use it before exercise and when I take a shower or bath. It is also a great chest rub when your lungs need some extra love!

Frankincense Essential Oil: Uplifting aroma and great for the skin. Also a workhorse, Frankincense is known for many uses. 

Panaway Essential Oil: Lovely for the muscles and joints. I love to use it across the shoulders just before bed. So yummy!

Stress Away Essential Oil: Useful when life gets a bit rough. I love the aroma of this one, lime, vanilla, yum! I carry this one with me all the time. 

Plus, my favorite TWO other products:

  1. Thieves Household Cleaner: No. Brainer. Really. Imagine a cleaner that is:
    1. Plant-based so safe for the earth.
    2. Non-toxic so safe for kiddos to help you clean and can walk over a freshly cleaned floor and safely lick their paws!
    3. Can be used for everything so it declutters your linen closet. (We use it for windows, hardwood floors, toilets, kitchen sink, bathroom, you name it.)
    4. As a concentrate, you use a capful or two at a time so it is cheaper than any cleaner you can find — even the cheap ones!
    5. AND, oh, yeah, it is based in Thieves so it can support your immune system as you clean!
  2. Ningxia Red: Young Living’s best selling product worldwide — for a reason. It is Young Living’s antioxidant drink. In fact, it is off the charts in antioxidant levels. Antioxidants eat free radicals in the body and free radicals are the source of much angst in our lives, including fatigue, brain fog, diseases such as heart disease and so much more! All four of my family members drink Ningxia Red — daily. The kiddos even bring the packets to school on test days for an added dose.
  3. Bonus: Ningxia NITRO: Okay, I had to do one more — as a complement to Ningxia Red, I think it passes! 🙂 This product is my favorite Young Living product times two because I feel like it gave me my brain back. I was suffering from brain fog and was having a hard time focusing. Nitro lifted the shade. I get twice as much done in half the time. I also feel invincible. 🙂


In Episode #5, Iet’s talk toxins! Each oil used is a toxin you aren’t… Plus, while I LOVE the oils, it is using toxic-free products that are infused with essential oils that gets me so incredibly excited.

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