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How do you use the oils?:

There are three ways to get the oils into your body. All work with differing levels of success for everyone and can even be different for  a person with different oils. I recommend playing with the method and changing it up if it isn’t working. (I’ll talk about this more below.)

1. Inhale

I know you enjoy the aroma of an essential oil, but did you know when you smell them, the aroma molecules are entering through your nose and crossing the blood-brain barrier and effecting your brain within 22 seconds? Sometimes simply unscrewing a bottle and taking a sniff will make the difference.

My favorite way to work with the oils is my diffuser. You’ll want a cool mist diffuser (heat can disrupt the chemical constituents, limiting the therapeutic value of the oils.)

With a diffuser, you can easily effect the entire family with just a few drops of oil! (We have 6 diffusers in the house: living room, each bedroom, bathroom and office!)

2. Topical

Rub the oil directly on your skin. Your skin has no filters so when you rub an essential oil on your skin, it can be found in your blood stream within 20-30 minutes. (You may want to think about that when rubbing any lotions or soaps on your skin that have toxins.)

When rubbing the oil on your skin, I recommend adding a carrier oil. These oils are potent and can be sensitive on your skin. My favorite carrier oils are: fractionated coconut (this one is organic and has a pump to easily fill roll ons), avocado and sunflower oil.

Often people find they can use the oils straight from the bottle (or “neat”) and have no problems at all. (Everyone in my family can use the oils on their skin — I cannot!) Sometimes people find they can use them for a short period but develop a sensitivity over time.

Adding a carrier oil protects your skin and it can also increase the potency of the oils. While you are adding a carrier, you are not “diluting” the potency. Because essential oils evaporate very quickly, there isn’t much time for the oil to absorb into your skin – which you need it to do. When you add a fatty oil layer, you are helping the oils stay on the skin longer, giving it more time to absorb.

A great place to use the oils is on your feet or hands. Our hands and feet have energy centers that represent all the parts of the body. (Ever played with reflexology?) When you want to effect a part of the body, you can rub the oil on the corresponding spot on the foot or hand. (Google Vita Flex points to get a map for yourself.) Plus, the skin on your hands and feet is extra tough so you may be able to use neat oils on your hands and feet.

3. Internal

People often express concern to me about taking oils internally. Much fear is propagated on the internet. First of all, you never have to take them internally, so don’t worry! Second of all, before you decide for yourself, keep in mind a few things:

  1. Know that the toxicity levels from oils were reached at incredibly high doses – 700 to 1000 times what is ever recommended.
  2. 200,000 people died last year from prescription drugs – prescribed and used correctly. Zero people died from essential oil use.
  3. More damage is done to the liver from Advil.

I like to add oils to water or capsules. I also have been exploring cooking with them and am enamored! Fresh herbs and spices have nothing on the oils! They are easier to use, have a much longer shelf life AND they support the body!

Final Thought:

Probably the most important piece of information I can leave you with is:

  1. Go slowly: Just experiment drop by drop. Start with a drop. If you don’t feel anything, try another drop. Also play with how you apply it. One oil may effect you more profoundly via a diffuser, others on your feet or your neck.
  2. Keep a journal: Remember what you did each time. When you finally have that crazy amazing night of sleep, you will want to remember how to repeat it!
  3. Be patient: Sometimes it takes a few different mixes and matches to get just the right combination that works for you and sometimes it simply takes a few weeks for your body to respond. Know the oils are doing their thing and give them time.

In Episode #4, I will be sharing specifics. We will look at eleven oils and how we use them specifically. It’ll be good!

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