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Easy Steps to Make Changes in Your Life

Step Two: Build the Umph to Do It – Building Umph Energetically

So, did you get a chance to do the yoga series yet?  If not, be sure to do it in the next few days and add it to your regular daily routine.  Learning how to stand in a firm, grounded tadasana can literally squeeze the fear out of you.  Seriously.  It is worth the viewing!

In this post I want to share with you a breathing series.  A Yoga series helps shift how our body feels.  A breathing practice helps shift our energy field and is incredibly powerful for changing how we feel.  You know the saying, “shrink with fear”? The shrinking is your energy field.  The breath I am sharing with you today counteracts that shrinking, an incredibly powerful process for keeping your energy big in the face of fear around whatever you are creating.

Have you ever experienced procrastination for anything? Procrastination is fear, even if you cannot even imagine how you could be fearful of what you want.  Your goal or action for this program might seem really mundane, an act hardly worth fear.  But while the act itself might seem mundane, it can represent something even larger that is scary.

Let me share a coaching story that exemplifies what I mean. Years ago I had a client hire me to help him clear his desktop.  He was (and still is) the CEO of a large, multi-million dollar company he began himself.  Cleaning a desktop, one would think, would be a mundane task easily completed by such an accomplished person.  But his desk chaos represented the chaos in his mind which kept him from fully experiencing the emotional pain from his personal life.  If he cleaned off his desk, it would create space for him to mourn the loss of a very important relationship to him.  Of course, he had no idea that was what it was for him.  He just thought the desk was a nuisance.

After 6 months of coaching, his desk was almost clean, but the resistance he experienced was profound.  Building personal strength is an essential component for moving toward what you want.  Do not underestimate it. 

Ready to move beyond your own fear and procrastination?

Please enjoy this podcast as my gift to you.  Using it regularly will help you build confidence to step out of your comfort zone and do more than you thought possible!

Here’s to fabulous changes!

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