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Easy Steps to Make Changes in Your Life

Step Two: Build the Umph to Do It – Get it into the Body

Ready to move beyond the inertia of the status quo? I have already shared with you a few tools:

Now, let’s take this idea to our bodies.  Our what? you say? Yes, our bodies. Our mind-body connection is very strong and very real. We know it well when we are feeling stressed about something – tension in the body immediately ensues.  We can use this connection in positive ways, too!


Experience what I mean right now:

  • Sitting right where you are, I want you to slump in your seat.  Let your heart cave in, your head move forward, and your lower back to round. (Yes, really do it! Your own experience is so much more powerful than anything I can say!)  From this position, think about whatever change you are desiring. How does it feel to think of the action you need to take? Exciting? Overwhelming?
  • Okay, now, the opposite.  Sit right on your sit bones, align your spine, engage your belly slightly as you lengthen your spine upward, balance your head on your shoulders and look straight ahead.  From this position how does it feel to think about your change?  Got a little “Yeah, I deserve this, d***it!” going on?  Excellent!
  • Now, take it further, imagine for a moment living your waking hours in that slumped position.  What does that do to your mentality?  What about in the engaged position?  Can you see how huge changes can take place if you begin to consciously change how you use your body?

We can purposely use our body to cultivate  a feeling of strength and confidence that will then transcend to the mind.  I use this concept in a series called: Manifesting on the Mat™, a powerful combination of the power of yoga and the creativity of life coaching.

In the practice I am going to share with you today, I take you through a brief set of poses to build personal strength and confidence, the “Umph” you need. This series will help you hold your body with more purpose, to be sure!

It is okay if you are a beginner — no experience necessary.  If you are an experienced yogi, this series will change how you do some of your most basic poses.


Yoga to Build Personal Strength:


Here’s to fabulous changes!

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