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Easy Steps to Make Changes in Your Life

Step Four: Just Feel Good – Suggestion from me!

Just Feel Good – From a Life Coach

Today’s tip comes from me!  Here is my personal very favorite self-care technique.  Foot massage!  My students know it well.  I have them do it every few weeks.  It is good for the soul (and sole!).

Before you watch and enjoy the video, let me also add that I am a collector of “Feel Good Moments”.  As you know, you receive one with each Monday Morning Musing I send to you all on Monday morning.  And now you know why.  Anything we can do to Feel Good helps us make better decisions AND feeling good helps us replenish our energy, fill ourselves up.  Making changes in our lives takes energy.  You need umph to get past the status quo.

While I am still publishing all of my feel good moments on this new website, there are a few here!  Just click here for more.

Feel Good Moments

Here’s to fabulous changes!

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