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Easy Steps to Make Changes in Your Life

Step One: What, Why and When

What do you want.  Get clear, very clear on what you want.  Why this change? How will your life be different?  Why is it worth the effort to change?

Why is it worth the effort to change?  And watch yourself, there are a couple of ways we block ourselves with this one.  How, you say?  Watch the video and see for yourself…(Oh, and I have a visualization to help, too!)

There are two ways we sabotage our efforts here.  Listen (or scroll down) to find out what I mean!

Summary (Better to hear it from me, but if you are running short on time use the summary):

  • Often what you are “wanting”, is actually something you don’t want. “I want to not have my job.” “I want to not be overweight.” “I don’t want my frustrating relationship.”  Make sure you know, and are focused on, what you want. “I want a job that is satisfying.” “I want a vibrants and energetic body.” “I want a loving relationship.”
  • Now, make sure it is it what you really, really, really, really want? I guarantee you aren’t thinking big enough…yet.
  • Better yet, listen to this visualization and dig even deeper…

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Here’s to fabulous changes!

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