Business Tips for Yoga Teachers

Business Tips for Yoga Teachers

One of my passions is supporting Yoga Teachers in their business.  More than anything I would LOVE for all Yoga Teacher to be able to support themselves with their teaching. So, I began a Business Tips column for  Here is a summary of what I have released so far.

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Yoga Teacher Business Tip #1: What do You Want?

Do you know what you want? In other words, do you know where you are headed with your business? My father gave me a book when I was in high school.  It’s title still rings in my head: If you don’t know where you are headed, you’ll probably end of someplace else. Truer words were never spoken!  Where do you see yourself and your business in a year? Five years? Twenty years? You can evaluate it by how much money you make, how many people you are affecting, where you are living, in whatever terms that are meaningful for you.  Decide where you are going and then we’ll talk details!


Yoga Teacher Business Tip #2: Your Magic Number

Do you know how much money you need each month in order to cover your basic bills?  If you ever want yoga to be your full-time job, you need to know what that amount is.  Once you know it, begin to do the math. How many classes can you comfortably teach each week without experiencing burnout or physical fatigue? Average out what your pay is and do the math.  How much can you make teaching yoga? What is the difference between what you can make and what you need?  That is your “Magic Number”, the extra amount you need to be able to meet your basic bills.  Then you need to think passive income to make up the difference…coming soon!


Yoga Teacher Business Tip #3: The Power of Passive Income

Passive income is essential for Yoga Teachers. First of all, chances are you cannot make enough to meet your bills (much less save money, pay for health insurance, pay for college, etc.) by teaching classes AND should you get injured or ill, all of your future income would be lost.  Passive income refers to income you receive and continue to receive after you have done the work once.  Examples include: writing a book, e-books, creating podcasts, DVDs, streaming videos, and so much more.  Think about your own life.  What do you enjoy sharing? What do you do best? Can you think of an easy passive income idea doing what you love?


Yoga Teacher Business Tip #4: Fabulous Website Every Online Business Needs

As small business owners, we often feel we have to do it all. We create our websites, market our workshops, keep in touch with our students, design products, we must be the jack of all trades. And when something does come up that we cannot do, sometimes we do not have the cash to pay a specialist for help.  In comes the best website I have ever found: This site is filled with an absolute bevy of things people will do for $5. Here is just a brief list of all the items I have had created for only $5: logo, animated logo for my videos, a caricature avatar (that was for fun), my website headers, Facebook covers, Etsy cover, e-book 3-D designs, book cover designs, voiceover commercial for my podcasts, SEO suggestions, and more!


Yoga Teacher Business Tip #5: Passive Income Idea: E-Books

Let’s talk passive income, income you continue to receive after you have done the work.  A simple passive income resource is to write an e-book.  Do you have a subject that is near and dear to your heart? Write on it! Great e-books have three things they offer readers:

  1. Background (why is this topic important? Why should I care?)
  2. Tips (Easy ways to get started)
  3. Referrals (Where else can I go for more information?)

Make the book rich with links and easy ideas people can implement right away.  Maybe make it a workbook. Be sure to add information about you at the end of the book.  Share how people can contact you, follow you, and more ways they can work with you.