Bali Wellness Vacation

Manifesting on the Mat:  Wellness Vacation to Bali

Life Coaching + Yoga = Magic in Bali!

Bali has been a Bucket List vacation for me for years.  I must admit, it is partly due to an Eat, Pray, Love obsession.  But it is also because of the amazing energy I hear is part of the culture on Bali.  I use this energy when I lead retreats…read on.

Do you know why I love to lead retreats?  My professional coaching career began officially when I was 25.  I was in graduate school for my degree in exercise physiology and was personal training a few clients on the side.  I watched them exercise dutifully when I was standing over them but knew they would do nothing on their own, they weren’t making real changes.

I knew then that I wanted to help people make true changes in their lives.  In fact, I wanted nothing less than profound, foundational shifts.  I didn’t want them doing what they needed to be doing just because I was standing over them, I wanted my clients to be different, truly different.

When I take people out of their comfort zone (their homes), to someplace beautiful where anything can seem possible, they are able to see a bigger picture for themselves, a possibility for a bigger life.  When I have the opportunity to be in-person with someone day after day for a week or ten days, I know they will be different when they get home.

Bali will be life-changing.  Not only is the energy of Bali one of power and possibility, we will be doing Life Coaching AND Yoga, a powerful mix indeed.  Our yoga practices will be designed around our coaching.  When we apply yoga to the changes we want to make in our lives, we are working on many levels.  (You can read more about it here.)

Description of our Trip: Laura and Pravassa join forces again to enjoy a magical tour of Bali!  Laura takes her powerful Life Coaching program to the beautiful island of Bali.  Enjoy 10-fabulous and inspiring days of coaching and yoga as well as exploring the local attractions of Bali. (Super early registration fees are available now!  Contact Laura directly to learn more!)

February 26 – March 8, 2014  |  More information (on the Pravassa site)