Keep Going! Keep Moving! Keep Trying!

M U S E  U P O N  T H I S:

Keep. Going.

So, how are the New Year’s Resolutions coming along?  Have any fallen by the way side yet?  I’m thinking it’s time for your “keep going” pep talk. Ready?

Creating change in your life takes amazing perseverance, especially when you are changing something that runs deep inside of you.  People are amazed to hear me speak of changes I have been working on for ten years.  They assume change is effortless for me and I flow through life with ease.  I struggle, too, because I still have to do the work we all need to do.

What does make it easier for me, though, is a change of perspective. You know the saying, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is not”? Well, that’s my motto. While the work I need to do can be painful, because of these perspective shifts, I find I do not suffer.

Here are four things I keep in mind as I am going through change:

  1. Do not expect perfection:  I know I will not be perfect & do not expect perfection. I honor the gray area in my life.  Some days I do everything I want to do, others nothing.  I don’t see myself as on or off the bandwagan so there is no room for judgment.  I just keep going.  Each moment is a new moment and a time to begin again.
  2. Make the first step easy: I know the first step can be the hardest so I make it as small as possible.  Once I get going it gets easier.
  3. Expect things to be brighter on the other side: I know the other side of a change is brighter, lighter, and yummier.  I have gone through enough changes to know each is worth the work!
  4. Prioritize self-care: I know change is challenging and what I am asking of myself is alot.  I honor the work I am doing and make sure I take care of myself. (And, frankly, this is the hardest part for me – just ask anyone who knows me well. But I DO do it when I am working on something particularly hard. I get to bed earlier, each better foods, drink enough water, take baths, use essential oils that support my path and more!

Keep in mind your vision, the reason you wanted to create change in the first place.  Keep that vision as visible as possible and keep going!!

F E E L  G O O D  M O M E N T:

Need a little inspiration? Here’s a doozy! Total Feel Good for one and all. Enjoy!