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Can’t seem to take the next step?  (Or the first one…)?  Here are 5 easy steps to help get you there:

  • Make the step smaller:  Is the step too big?  Remember, baby steps also get you closer and taking a baby step will give you the surge of energy you need to take another baby step.
  • Do something to feel good:  What helps you feel good?  Call a friend who always says the right thing, get a great night’s sleep, eat a meal that you love, go for a walk, spend time in nature, do yoga (of course!).  When you feel good, you are much more likely to take a chance and do something you have been avoiding.
  • Do something that helps you feel strong:  What helps you feel your own personal strength?  Pull out an old trophy from high school, read a recommendation someone wrote about you, spend time with those who depend on you.  When you are reminding of your own beautiful strength, it is easier to access it!
  • Stand in a really strong Tadasana (Mountain Pose):  Here is a video describing what I mean.  Rock your stance and feel the power of standing strong on your own two feet!
  • Remember why you are doing it in the first place:  Why are you taking this step?  Is it taking you where you want to be?  Remind yourself of how you are ready to feel and use that feeling to inspire you to action!

Ready? Now, go do that step!