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On January 1st, we are entering into a new decade.


Let’s enter it with intention with an inspiring series of 3 coaching
programs from experienced Life Coach, Laura Erdman-Luntz. 

The programs unfold in a very specific way:
Program 1:
 Handling the Holidays with Ease 
Enjoy the holidays and finish them filled up and ready to rock.

Program 2: New Year’s Resolutions from the Heart
Move through the New Year with intention by releasing the previous year and stepping with confidence into 2020.

Program 3: Life Coaching Quick-Start
Move boldly toward your goals with a Life Coaching mini-course with Laura.


Laura brings almost THIRTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the coaching world!

Handling the Holidays
with Ease

What if…  

 …you were able to enjoy the holidays? Be more relaxed? Have more fun? Maybe even experience joy?

This coaching practice will take your holidays to a new level. 

Begin with 7 tangible Life Coaching steps to help you reframe your holiday and see it in a whole new light. 

Then enjoy a bevy of suggestions for being more intentional with your self-care, including index/links to more than 40 videos from Laura’s YouTube channel for self-care. 


New Year’s Resolutions
from the Heart
(Regularly $79)

What if… 

…you were able to set New Year’s Resolutions from a deeper, more meaningful place? A place that inspired you to KEEP GOING!

You can!

This three-part series, will help you let go of the old year/decade and step cleanly into the new one: Letting Go of the Old, Stepping into the Dream, Surrendering with Gratitude to the Present.

Each part includes Life Coaching and a Yoga practice for you as well as essential oil suggestions for extra support. 


Life Coaching Quick Start
Early Bird: $297
(Regularly $397)

(Bonus: Receive other 2 for free!)

What if… 

…you discovered joy in the life you are already living AND began to get excited about where your life is going?

…you moved forward in your life with excitement and direction? 

…you set meaningful goals you felt motivated to work toward and achieve? 

That is the purpose of Life Coaching! In this 6-week mini-course, you will experience the power of life coaching to bring more awareness into your life, build more joy and get excited about where you are going! 



About Laura

In a nutshell: I love to inspire people to live the lives they really want to live. Nothing excites me more than seeing the light go on in someone’s eyes when they realize they can live a life they didn’t even allow themselves to dream of! Over the years, I have inspired hundreds of coaching clients to turn that light on!

I have also hosted 3 radio shows/podcasts, written 4 print books and innumerable ebooks, created countless online courses, written 1500 blog posts, all to help inspired people to open their hearts and live their dreams.

Are you ready?

What others have said about working with Laura:

It is so easy to sing your praises, my dear! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!

Jennifer C.

The workshop has stuck with me in a major way...it's unbelievable the impact that your workshop had on my world!

Kristen B.

It was very easy to let go with Laura and to begin to feel the possibilities.

Judy O.

Question: Would you recommend this course to family or friends? Absolutely! And if that doesn't work I'll just drag them there!!

Kathy J.

I’ve started the most important shift in a long time. And that is: a start to work on ME again; to find who I am, what I want, and how not to lose ME in the future. That was the most important thing I got from this program…. Another chance at making a happy ending.

Jenna P.

 Life Coaching Quick Start







Life Coaching Quick-Start

Life Coaching is all about stepping into the life you really want, the one you would choose if you could choose it – and you can!

In this mini-course, you will begin the journey of learning how to step into more awareness in your life to experience more joy in the life you are already living and to begin to step toward the life you would choose.

What you can expect: You will begin to have a clearer vision of your life, understand how you can take tangible steps to help yourself feel better in your day to day, how to choose a goal that is meaningful and be on your way to achieving it. 

From Laura: This mini course is a brand new offering for me so the first group through will be the “beta testers”. I have a few extras planned that, if they go well, will be part of the program going forward.


  • What it takes to be happier.
  • Setting up for success
  • Feeling better every day (and it’s the best way to stay motivated when your motivation wanes!)
  • How to love the life You Are In (and, no, that doesn’t mean it is the “Perfect Life”.)
  • How to set meaningful goals
  • How to create action steps that will help you achieve your goal

Receive 6 weeks of courses. Topics covered: 

  • Setting up for Success
  • Feeling Better Every Day (would you be surprised that this is the number one way to stay motivated when your motivation wanes?)
  • Loving the Life You Are In (and, no, that doesn’t mean it is the “Perfect Life”.)
  • Choosing a Goal
  • Taking Action
  • Take it Faster
  • And more!


  • Receive weekly coaching videos with workbook pages to work through the topics.
  • Weekly Q&A with Laura and the group. 
  • Enjoy weekly “extras” to keep you inspired and share with you more ways to deepen your awareness in your life.


New Year’s Resolutions from the Heart

New Year’s Resolutions from the Heart

Take your Resolutions to Your Yoga Mat…

Yoga + Life Coaching = Magic!

Ready to make your resolutions from a deeper, more profound place? One that inspires you to keep going?

This series is a powerful ritual for letting go of whatever has been holding you back so you can enter the new year with so much more intention and inspiration.

In this video class, you will go through a three-part process:

  • Letting Go of What No Longer Serves Us
  • Feeling Big Enough for Our Dream
  • Surrendering with Grace and Gratitude to What We Have

You will download a workbook for the class and, for each step, you will receive a brief Life Coaching talk from Laura and then we will take the concept to the yoga mat for a combination of breathing, yoga poses, and brief visualizations. Each step will also have essential oil suggestions to help with the process.

From Laura: I recommend you set aside about 2 hours to do the entire series all at once. Print the workbook ahead of time, get your diffuser going, turn down the lights, turn on some music and give yourself the time to dive deeply into your heart.

Course purchase Includes:

  • Workbook pdf
  • Life Coaching videos (4)
  • A separate yoga practice for each of the three sections, including visualization and breathing.
  • Printable list of suggested essential oils for each of the steps.
  • Membership to a community on Facebook to support your journey

(Note: The only essential oil brand I use is Young Living. If you aren’t already using the oils and would like to, check out here to learn more.

Enjoy this series any time you want to make a change in your life!  (I also call it: Goal Setting from the Heart – when you do it any other time during the year!)

Come, experience the power and magic of life coaching AND yoga!

Handling the Holidays with Ease

Handling the Holidays with Ease

Is it possible?

Oh, yes!

The key to gracefully moving through the holidays is two-fold:  Be more intentional with your time AND self-care.

And, yes, you can do both!

In this mini-course, Laura will teach you how!


  • 7 brief, life coaching videos, one for each tip: Clear, tangible, ideas on how to reframe your holiday to experience more joy. (Video are from between 2 min to 7 so quick and easy!)
  • Handling the Holidays with Ease Workbook: Includes spaces for your thoughts on the 7 Life Coaching tips AND Printable: 7 Tips for a Relaxing Holiday with Yoga and 7 Tips for a Relaxing Holiday with Essential Oils
  • Links to more than 40 videos on Laura’s YouTube Channel: The videos include time indexes (so you can find one that fits into your schedule) and they are indexed by topic.

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