5 Easy Steps to Make Changes in Your Life

5 Steps for Making Easy Changes in Your Life | Life Coaching with MuseLaura

Easy Steps to Make Changes in Your Life

Welcome, welcome! I am so glad you clicked to join me! Here are all of the steps in all of their glory. ūüôā Please begin by downloading the workbook so you can follow along for yourself.

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Here’s to making fabulous changes in your life!

Step One: WHAT, Why and When

What do you want.  Get clear, very clear on what you want.  Why this change? How will your life be different?  Why is it worth the effort to change?

There are two ways we sabotage our efforts here.  Listen (or scroll down) to find out what I mean!

Summary (Better to hear it from me, but if you are running short on time use the summary):

  • Often what you are “wanting”, is actually something you don’t want. “I want to not have my job.” “I want to not be overweight.” “I don’t want my frustrating relationship.” ¬†Make sure you know, and are focused on, what you want. “I want a job that is satisfying.” “I want a vibrants and energetic body.” “I want a loving relationship.”
  • Now, make sure it is it what you really, really, really, really want? I guarantee you aren’t thinking big enough…yet.
  • Better yet, listen to this visualization and dig even deeper…


Step One: What, “Why” and When

So, how did the “What” go? ¬†I am frequently amazed at how hard it can be to turn what we want into something positive. ¬†Even I have struggled with a client or two to find the want in a negative desire. ¬†Ask a friend or me to help if you can’t find the positive in what you want.

Now it is time to turn to the why of what you want. ¬†You can probably guess where I am going on this one — your why needs to be positive, too!

Summary: ¬†Make sure your “why” is also coming from a positive place. ¬†Why do you want what you want?

Step One: What, Why and “When”

So, are you getting antsy at all to step into the action steps?  We are purposefully not starting yet (although ok if you have already!) only to build the excitement.  Similar to revving your engine then throwing it into gear, I am helping you get so excited about your change that when it comes to the actual action, it is much easier to engage.

Step one: ¬†What, Why, and “When”

So, how did the “Why” go? ¬†Again, just as with the “what”, it can be harder than you think it should be to make your desire come from the positive.

Now, when do you want to have completed what it is that you want? ¬†What is your “deadline” (although not a fan of that word. ¬†I’ll tell you why in the video.)¬†It isn’t as simple as just setting a date. ¬†There are a few things you need to keep in mind:


  • When do you want to have what you want to have? ¬†What is your deadline?
  • “Deadline” is not my favorite word. ¬†It is so final and often leads to self-judgment if you reach your deadline and haven’t completed your goal. ¬†I much prefer “intention”. ¬†“I intend to complete my goal by…”
  • Now that you have set your own intention, can you half the time? ¬†Sometimes the thought of having it in half the time can be just the stimulus you need to get yourself inspired to move.
  • At the same time you need to be realistic with your time line. ¬†If what you want will take time, be sure you allot for the time. ¬†If you want to lose weight, do it in a safe amount of time.


Easy Steps to Make Changes in Your Life

Step Two: Build the Umph to Do It!

This one might feel easy to skip. ¬†Don’t. ¬†It’s a big one. ¬†If I were to choose the biggest reason people don’t achieve their goals, it’s this one. ¬†If there is something you really want (or something you really want to do) and you don’t have it or can’t get motivated enough to do it…well, let’s just say there is something in this step for you! ¬†

Your assignment is on the bottom!

Personal strength is the umph behind creating something new in your life.  We need the extra push to get ourselves out of our inertia with how our lives are right now.  The status quo is alluring, as you know.  Slipping back into our old way of being is so easy to do (and so frustrating!).

So, building personal strength helps us two ways:

  1. Helps us feel like “Yeah! I deserve this!” ¬†(Actually, I recommend growling the words and adding a strong “dammit” to the end.) This feeling, this energy, will push us past the inertia of where we are now.
  2. And it helps us overcome the tendency toward procrastination and excuses.

If you already had the umph behind what you want, you would have created it for yourself long ago.

If you have a small goal for this series, something seemingly easy,¬†this still applies. Who among us hasn’t procrastinated on a truly mundane task. I even find myself thinking, “This is not hard! Why can’t I do it?” ¬†With personal strength, that procrastination disappears!

Are you ready to cultivate a little “I deserve this!!”

Over the next couple days, I encourage you to play with these posts. ¬†I am sharing with you innovative ways to cultivate your “I deserve this!!”

Assignment #1: For today, begin to say to yourself “I deserve this!” in your best growl. ¬†How does it feel? ¬†Also, do you know someone who has what you want? What can you do to emulate their personal strength?

Assignment #2: Get it into your body. Yep, use your body to start to feel more umph. Read more here.

Assignment #3: Get it into your energy body. Using your breath is a powerful tool for transformational change. Read more here.



Easy Steps to Make Changes in Your Life

Step Three: ACTION!

Finally We Take Action

NOW we are ready for action.  Not until Step 3.  As I have mentioned earlier, there is method to my madness.

One of the greatest mistakes we all make when desiring a change in our life is to  jump into taking action out of a feeling of disgust or judgment.  We get really frustrated with something in our life and we begin to do something.

While at least it got you going, action doesn’t last when it comes from a negative place. (While there is a psychological reason for this phenomena, it is beyond the scope of this post. ¬†Just trust me!) ¬†We quit, fall off the bandwagon, whatever you call it, it doesn’t last.

When action comes from a positive space, a place of excitement, a place of possibility, action steps become more effortless. ¬†You can’t wait to jump out of bed to get started!

Moving toward where you want to be is always easier (and more fun!) than away from where you don’t want to be.

You now know:

  • WHAT you want,
  • WHY you want it, and
  • WHEN you want it.
  • You have also begun to build some personal strength around what you want.

You are primed and ready to take action!
We have made it to the HOW.

The how can leave us hung up in three ways.  Follow the instructions for the HOW that is hard for you!

“I can’t get started!”

Maybe it is because the starting is overwhelming or maybe it is because the inertia of your status quo is too strong.  Regardless of your reason, your job is to continue working on Step 1 and 2.  You need to deepen your excitement about what you want and what you are building and build up your personal strength around it.

Then make sure your very first action step is uber-tiny. ¬†We’re talking, “Are you kidding me? I can’t believe that even counts as an action step it is so insignificant!” Make it so easy you can simply fall into your action step without any effort. ¬†Once you get going it will be much easier to keep going.

“I can’t imagine how to create what I want.”

Chances are you are a very practical, reasonable, person and you like to have a plan all mapped out before embarking on a trip. ¬†As Abraham Lincoln said, “You don’t have to see the top of the stairs, you just need to see the next step.”

Can you see the next step you need to take?  I bet you can.  Once you take that step, the next step will become clear and you can take that one.

Well laid out plans can be challenging to create when you are manifesting something in your life that you can hardly imagine yourself doing. ¬†When your dream is outside of your comfort zone, a stretch, it is then also hard for you to imagine what you can do to get there. ¬†Don’t worry. ¬†Just take a step…then another…then another. ¬†You’ll be amazed at how it unfolds!

“I’ve started before. ¬†I never continue.”

Ah, yes, but, may I point out, that this time is truly different.  You have built some umph behind your desire before you began.  You just need your next step.

AND you need Step 4 and Step 5. ¬†Coming soon….

All right, it’s time. It is time to take your action. ¬†Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Decide your next steps.
  2. Schedule in your calendar when will you do it.
  3. Tell someone what you are doing (or lots of people!)  You are 200% more likely to do something if you write it down and 400% more likely if you tell someone.

Are you ready?  Go!


Easy Steps to Make Changes in Your Life

Step Four: Just Feel Good

Just Feel Good

Yep, that’s it. ¬†Feel Good. ¬†When you feel good, you make better choices for yourself. ¬†Sound too simple? You bet it is! And never underestimate the power of simplicity.

Let me tell you all about it. (If you don’t have time, scroll down and read my summary.)


  • Think about it, when you feel good you make better decisions for yourself. ¬†It really is that simple.
  • Simplistic example: What kind of snack do you choose for yourself when you are tired and stressed? Now, what kind of snack do you choose when you are well-rested and energetic?
  • AND you have more control over how you feel than you realize.
  • This exercise is about being proactive about how you feel.
  • The other benefit of a feel good practice is it keeps you filled up. ¬†Making changes in your life is hard work. ¬†Depending on how much change you are making, you will find you need more sleep and even more food. ¬†Placing your attention on taking care of yourself will help you keep your reserves up so you can overcome the inertia of change.

Here’s one of my own Feel Good practices I want to share with you:¬†http://bit.ly/194D4Cg

Here’s to actively and proactively feeling good!


Easy Steps to Make Changes in Your Life

Step Five: Imagine Your Life Five Years from Today

Step 5 helps us keep going, to stay inspired to take our action steps whenever we feel our energy waning. ¬†I don’t care how mundane your change was for this program, all changes come upon resistance periodically. ¬†We need to muscle the energy to push beyond that resistance. ¬†(By the way, resistance shows up in many guises. ¬†Here’s a post I wrote all about how resistance might look in your life.)

Seriously, I know of no other better inspirational tool than the one I am going to share with you now.  I experienced this visualization many years ago when I was in a training.  It stuck with me.  I still use this one whenever I find my own inspiration waning.

It is the best 8 min you will use all day: