Welcome to our 5-Day Challenge!

Welcome! I am so incredibly excited you have decided to join us. This series is going to be fantastic and I can’t wait to share it with you.

While our official start date is Monday, April 17th, I have a few goodies to get you going beforehand. (Obviously I can’t wait for April 17th!) So keep an eye out in your inbox and in our very special, private community FB group.

Okay, a couple of items to get you started:

  • Make sure gmail isn’t keeping us apart! White List my email: muselanlaura@gmail.com. (Have no idea how? Check out this super quick video: Whitelisting.)

  • Go out to our private community on Facebook and ask to be added. I am adding a bevy of content there for you that won’t be available elsewhere so be sure to check it out: Facebook Group.

  • Be sure to also LIKE my Facebook Page. I love to hang out there!

While most of the content for this series will come to you via email and Facebook, I will also be posting goodies on my Pinterest and Instagram channels so if you hang out there, be sure to follow me for more!

First Bonus:  I LOVE freebies so I will be offering you a bunch! Here is your first one: a Pose Cheat Sheet printable. While we won’t do ALL of these poses in 5 days, we will get to a few and you can use this sheet for reference.

Pose Cheat Sheet Printable

Get yourself excited! We begin SOON!

Peace & miracles,


PS The more the merrier! Please share this series with your peeps. YOU will have more fun and we will get yoga into even more homes — all good!

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We start August 1!

You are in! Welcome!