Day #5

YOU DID IT!! You made it to the LAST DAY and you are gonna LOVE this one! The last pose of our practice is Savasana (Relaxation Pose). Yep, there is a pose called relaxation — it SO MUST be a good thing!

I am including in today’s goodies a recording for you to download. It is a recording of a guided Savasana. You can use the recording once you have seen the video and learned how to do the pose. Then you can do Savasana more easily.

Savasana With MuseLaura

In yesterday’s Live Stream I chatted about using Essential Oils to ramp up your Yoga & Meditation practice. Yep, they are powerful indeed!

Watch the Live Stream here.

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The video for today is below (scroll down). Comment questions below or on my Facebook page for this post.


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