Day #3

How is the series going? Have you done Day #1 and #2? It is not too late if you haven’t! You don’t need to do it every day in a row.

Yesterday’s Live Stream was helpful for those who need to do more proactive self-care (ahem…that’s YOU!)! I spoke about a plan you can put in place for self-care. If you ever feel tired, over-stressed, over-worked, you NEED to listen to this LIVE Stream and put a plan in place for yourself now! (And, yes, your yoga practice is one of these items! 🙂 )

Watch the Live Stream here.

Have you checked out my Pinterest board for this series yet? You can get a pretty version of the daily Cheat Sheet and create yourself a board with it! 🙂 MuseLaura on Pinterest.

The video for today is below (scroll down). Comment questions below or on my Facebook page for this post.