Are you ready?

Here we go!

I’m so excited to get us started! Do you know yet exactly when you will be doing our daily practice? I promise, there is nothing more than 15 minutes. Create 15 min in your day with the inner knowingness that it is exactly what you need; that the time will help you feel exactly how you think it is going to make you feel.

Here is the practice sheet for this series. I thought you might enjoy a quick Cheat Sheet for each of the classes you will be receiving this week.

Learn Yoga Cheat Sheet

I also invite you to check out my Pinterest board for this series. You can get a pretty version of the daily Cheat Sheet and create yourself a board with it! 🙂 MuseLaura on Pinterest.

The video for today is below (scroll down). Comment questions below or on my Facebook page for this post.


Enjoy my NEW ebook and 30 days of personal support as you step into A Practice of Radical Self-Care.

We start August 1!

You are in! Welcome!