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You know I don’t talk about products much. It’s only when I truly believe in something that I will put it out there for you. I believe in personal growth. I believe in Yoga. I believe in Young Living.


The more I believe in Young Living, the more I want to shout their praises. Again, really.

These products have made such a profound effect on my life, it brings tears to my eyes sometimes. I look forward to when I finally get to meet Gary Young, the founder, I plan to give him a huge hug, thank him from my heart and tell him how the products he created saved my son, helped me sleep again, gave me courage, helped me build up a confident teenage girl, gave me my energy and vitality back, and literally so much more.

The stories I hear from others I have introduced to these products are just as amazing. My sister literally tears up when she tells me how thankful she is. (And she didn’t even cry at her sons’ high school graduation. I, however, was a total mess. 🙂 )

Yes, I make money off of the product and, yes, I would tell you ALL about them even if I didn’t. The funny thing is, I have hesitated to say much to you because I do make money off of them, but that is just silly. I refer only when I believe in something and you deserve to know how potent these products are!

One of the best parts? When you join Young Living you also join a community. While all communities have varying levels of activeness, mine, as you can imagine, is very active. I have literally hundreds of people now. We have giveaways, challenges, continuing education and so much more!

AND, when you join with me, you get a bevy of goodies…

PLUS, through August 31, 2016, you will ALSO receive a FREE, 15ml bottle of Cedarwood Essential oils. Cedarwood is one of my very favorite oils. It helps my very active brain calm down to either focus on a single task or keep some much needed sleep. (I used to wake at 4am everyday with all of my demons coming out, preventing me from falling back to sleep. Now I fall right back to sleep when I wake up!)

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