Life Coaching with Laura

I have space for three new clients!

I am adding three coaching spots to begin NEXT WEEK for three, and only three, clients who are ready to move in their life!  I am looking for something in particular in these clients.  Let me know if you fit these criteria!:

“You have shown me that I can live the life I want – one based on my values and dreams – without fear. I feel more confident in everything I do. Everyday is a joy because I am finally living my purpose. Without your guidance and insights, I would never have gotten this far, this fast. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

~ Karen Peterson

  • You feel truly stuck in some area of your life.
  • You feel you have tried it all and you are ready and willing to experiment and play in order to get your life to change.
  • You have a feeling (or even a very clear vision) of what you want to have.

“Working with Laura has restored the power and courage I have needed to take back my life. I own it, I am living it, I am feeling it once again! I have never been able to feel joy as much as I do now.”

~ S.A.Struck

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